JAPA Management Software

Parking. Made Intelligent.

A Smarter Solution

We work with each of our clients to provide a customized solution that effectively solves the challenges they are facing with their parking inventory. Our Management platform is a software tool that can be specifically customized to ensure your team has access to the analytics they need. We can also incorporate the data collected from any existing hardware that you may already have in place, so that your team can view all of your analytics on one platform.

JAPA is designed for both public and private parking industries, including owners, management, municipalities, and campuses. If you need a consolidated, business and operational view into all parking assets under your management, in order to make data-driven decisions, you are in the right place.

Data to optimize efficiency

JAPA automates and streamlines the collection of data from every parking space in your operation to provide a sophisticated view of your parking inventory and its key operational data. Once the real-time data is collected and consolidated, we apply it to our powerful parking algorithms and instantaneously deliver that data to your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. We know each location is different, and JAPA works one-on-one with each of our clients to ensure that we provide the upmost value.

We want to ensure that our customers are operating at optimal capacity, and employing yield management techniques long practiced by hotels and airlines, in order to increase revenues, efficiency, operational knowledge and in the end, customer satisfaction.

How JAPA Brings Value

JAPA provides parking owners and operators with an intuitive and powerful solution,

  • Real-time data and analytics of every parking space.
  • Violation tracking.
  • Advanced analytics custom for your parking.
  • 24/7 access to information from any computer or mobile device.
  • Maximum visibility of every surface or indoor lot
  • Unlimited access to historical data to help predict trends.
  • Integration of existing hardware or data into the JAPA Software Platform.
  • Access to as many users as you want.


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Japa's technology makes the parking experience easier for drivers and our work/study places more efficient. Japa helps cities, corporate campuses and universities further enhance their Smart Campus or Smart City initiatives.