What we do

We are more than Just A Parking App

Japa first started as a student-led project to solve the parking problems faced on campus. Today, Japa is helping companies, universities, and cities effectively manage their parking assets while providing their users with a mobile application that lets them know where to find an empty parking space.

A solution for any situation

Transform your parking operation with reliable, easy-to-use technology

  • Universities

    Campuses always provide a unique challenge with regards to parking. Not only do they tend to occupy multiple car parks on a sprawling footprint, but they also need to cater to the different needs of students, staff and visitors.

  • Corporate Campuses

    For parking operators who either own and manage a portfolio of car parks under their own brand, or who manage a car park for a client. We understand the various needs of both multi-level indoor parking and outdoor parking. We provide a customized solution that suits any site configuration or terrain.p>

  • Airports

    Vehicle access to airports can turn into chaos if not properly managed. Smart Parking can offer a single system that provides a variety of parking and drop off options.

  • Hospitals

    Hospitals and medical centers need to provide a range of parking options, and without proper car park management, parking spaces can be severely underutilized.

  • Municipalities

    Smart Parking has been transforming the parking experience and increasing revenues for a huge range of government clients for over ten years. We have adopted a strategy that focuses on differentiation through experience, continual innovation, and value added services, with a special emphasis on smart city integration technology.

  • Indoor Structures

    Smart Parking has extensive experience in helping car park operators offer a first class customer experience for motorists parking at their site. We recognize that providing an easy-to-navigate experience that clearly lets motorists know where to find available parking, as well as a clean, bright and safe site, means loyal customers and repeat business.


Our goal at Japa is to help people park smart and stress less. It is also part of our mission to encourage others to be ecologically minded. One way of reducing our carbon footprint is to avoid spending excessive amounts of time driving around looking for a parking space, and our easy-to-use mobile application makes that possible.


We work with each of our clients to provide a customized solution that effectively solves the challenges they are facing with their parking spaces. Our parking occupancy sensors have an accuracy rate of over 99% and a built-in battery life of up to 10 years. Our Management Platform is a software tool that can be customized to ensure your team has access to the specific analytics they need. The Japa mobile app is available on iOS and Android platforms, and provides a simple way for drivers to locate an available parking spot.

We can also incorporate the data collected from any existing hardware that you may already have in place, so that your team can view all of your analytics on one platform. Contact us to understand how we can make our solutions work for you.

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