Parking. Made Intelligent.

Japa brings your entire operation under control, giving you the power to set pricing, manage inventory, and report on everything from anywhere, any time.

Custom Management Software
Tailored for parking.

Stop guessing when to shut down a lot and redirect traffic. Japa shows you true availability for every lot in your operation so you can make the right decisions at the right time.
Our management platform allows parking facilities to view lot inventory in real time, see every lot information at every second, make smarter pricing and staffing decisions. Japa works everywhere you are, on any device, and on any web browser.

Smart Parking Sensors
Minimized size, maximized tracking.

Our company-installed hardware currently include parking occupancy sensors that are over 99% percent accurate and digital signs that help parking garages accurately display space availability.

Mobile Application
Extremely powerful yet super simple to use.

Japa has a mobile app that takes the guesswork out of parking with a space locator and availability of all your lots. Japa keeps your drivers on the up and up, accurately tracking every parking lot.

How it works


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Japa's pioneering technology makes the parking experience for consumers easier, while making corporate campuses and cities more efficient. Japa helps cities and universities to further enhance their Smart Campus or Smart City initiatives.

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